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Having “The Conversation” with Your Aging Parents.



Holidays are traditionally festive times, when families gather to share good food and good company and to make memories. It is a time when everyone is on their best behavior, trying to keep old sibling rivalries and the like on the back burner. For many of us this is one of the only times all or most of the family is together, from aging parents to their baby boomer children to grandchildren, etc. Since the whole family is not together often, and … Read More »

Why we love wrinkles


Throw away those expensive wrinkle creams, banish all thoughts of Botox. Here at Property Focus in Sydney (PFiS) we love wrinkles. Those little lines around your eyes reveal to the world that You’ve lived! You’ve been places! You know stuff!

It’s that savvy and experience that separates the men from the boys or, in this case, the women from the girls. Let’s face it, I’m no spring chicken. But you won’t find any wrinkle cream on my bathroom shelf because I want the world, and more importantly my clients, to know I’ve lived! I’ve been places! And I know stuff! Too.

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