Why Use a Seniors Specialist ?

When you decide to sell your property, you will probably choose a Real Estate Agent to do this for you. You want to work with someone who will achieve the best price possible. You also probably want someone who will communicate well, consider your needs, and move at a pace that is right for you.


If you are over 50 years old, working with the Senior Real Estate Specialists at Property Focus in Sydney is all of the above and more. We offer the services of licensed real estate specialists with advantages beyond what others can offer you, because we have the training, accreditation’s, and drive to assist seniors with their unique real estate needs.


The cost of our services is competitive, but the advantages of working with us might be immeasurable for you. Here at Property Focus In Sydney we make moving seniors our specialty, and can offer you and your family a range of comprehensive seniors-specific services, as you need, including:


  • Information:  We have the latest information about options, issues, and steps to take in senior living and, upon request, can suggest housing alternatives that include staying at home, and not selling your home;


  • Market Trends: We stay up to date on current market trends regarding housing choices, regulations, and new opportunities for senior living;


  • Awareness and Willingness: We bring an awareness of the issues confronting seniors and willingness to take the time you need to find answers to your questions;


  • Family Conversations: We understand the effect this move can have on your family, and we will provide resources and guidance about having heartfelt conversations with family members;


  • Pacing to suit your needs: We work at the pace that is right for you, understanding you may have physical, emotional, and financial considerations to work through;


  • The Emotional Effect:  We help minimize the emotional demands a sale can make;


  • Network of Professionals:  We have access to a wide network of other senior focused professionals who can assist in financial and estate planning, and other aspects of the sale and move.


If you choose to work with us, you are working with more than successful, experienced, results-oriented real estate specialists. You are also working with someone who has dedicated their career to serving the growing Australian Senior population. We do so because we saw the need, and we would be happy to serve you.


Bidding farewell to the family home, or simply choosing to downsize because of the issues of aging, is a hugely emotional time. And we are passionate about helping you navigate these sometimes rocky waters with understanding, information, resources and compassion.


So why should you work with an SRES if you are over 50 years old? The question could probably be, rather, why not? It is a win-win.  



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