Preparing your Home for Sale


Before your home can be sold, and in order to get the very best price for you, we need to do some work together, and the Senior Real Estate Specialists at Property Focus In Sydney will work with you every step of the way.


Selling a senior’s most valued and valuable asset, their home, and maximising its value at sale is a key aspect of how comfortable future senior years will be. We are experts at helping you make the decisions that will help prepare you and your home for sale:


  • Together with you, we sort through decades of memories and keepsakes to decide what you want to keep – we do the job together;
  • As for the rest of your belongings, we can facilitate delivery of unwanted items to charity, auction, and other means of disposal;
  • We can arrange for a handyman to do any small repairs, gardeners to tidy up the yard and gardens, or if there is more to be done, can enlist the services of a range of tradespeople etc.;
  • To really make your home stand out so it has wider buyer appeal and looks impressive on real estate websites and promotional materials, we can recommend a Property Stylist; and
  • We can hire professional cleaners, packers or removalists, even help you with unpacking and getting settled in your new place so it “feels like home”.


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