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Honouring a Lifetime of Memories


Senior couple meeting with agent

Dismantling a lifetime of family memories when selling the family home can be daunting and emotional.  We know. We’ve already been there.  


The transition to a smaller home, to a senior community, or even upgrading your existing home to suit changing physical and mental needs puts a burden on everyone. Many seniors have children who are themselves seniors, meaning that children, while looking towards their parents security in the future, are also keenly aware that their time is right around the corner.


This can be a stressful time, when families look nostalgically around a home at the marks on the wall designating a child’s growth, or the scuffed up stairway from a past childhood prank. Several generations of a family can lay their eyes on different parts of the family home that mean something special to them. There is no doubt it is difficult, but everyone also knows that the most important thing is for the well-being of our family.


For most of us, the family home represents our largest financial asset and an integral part of our overall financial plan.  We are looking at getting the best possible financial outcome, and often know that using a licensed real estate agent is the best choice.


But where Property Focus in Sydney is different is that we are a network of experienced professionals who can provide practical solutions and resources for seniors in all aspects of the transition to senior living. We are experts at getting you the best price possible, while our experience and understanding of this complex landscape allows us to offer services to seniors sensitive to your particular situation.


Check out our blog, here. We will have more guidance on this transition, including having the conversation with aging parents. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!!


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