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Realising your property’s development potential


Development Potential

Deciding how to maximise your property’s development potential can be a confusing process, with many variables often causing tension and confusion.

Property Focus In Sydney’s team of specialist consultants bring together information and advice from diverse industry-based sources to help you understand, and realize your property’s potential to achieve the best development option to suit your financial objectives.

A unique and very appealing aspect of our development assessment of your property is, if you market your property exclusively with us, the cost of your development assessment will be reimbursed fully to you on the property’s settlement of sale.


Our Assessment Process


Phase 1—Planning review

Our thorough, and ordered development assessment begins with comprehensive planning investigations including a site inspection, and creation of photographic records of the property, and a review of relevant local and State Government planning controls applicable to the site. We undertake a full compliance analysis and if required meet with the relevant council to determine which development options are most likely to gain approval.


Phase 2—Design concepts

Our architect and planning consultant review the information gathered in Phase 1 to decide with scenarios provide the best development options.  A registered surveyor surveys the site, and the team creates building envelopes, or outlines for each concept, then proposes simple concept design sketches based on those envelops, and prepares suitable documents to give you a clear picture of each proposal. 


Phase 3—Feasibility studies

Our architect and planning consultant liaise with a quantity surveyor who undertakes a range of feasibility reports to evaluate the best financial outcomes for each development option.


Phase 4—Final report

Finally, we review the expert advice from all stages of the process, and combine into a report outlining our recommendations for your site based on the expertise and judgement of our professional consultancy team. 


Phase 5—Marketing

This report makes a powerful basis for an informed and effectively targeted marketing campaign to help you achieve a higher sales price by giving buyers a realistic assessment of your property’s full financial potential to them.


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