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Consultation With Other Professionals


Property Focus In Sydney has your best interests in mind. We understand the complexities of downsizing / upsizing / or rightsizing for those in the 50+ demographic, and we recommend the services of specialists in a variety of professional fields to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes. Some of the professionals in our network you might want to consult with include:  


  • Financial Advisors: Mortgage brokers can look at ways to use the home’s equity to allow a senior to remain in their home, if that’s preferred.


  • Finding your new home: Buyers agents and aged care placement and accommodation bond negotiation specialists can work with you beyond the extensive information we will provide;


  • Protecting assets and entitlements: Tax specialists and financial planners to examine ways to protect your assets and entitlements;


  • Preparing the home for showing: Handymen, landscapers, clutter reduction specialists, and home stylists;


  • Legal considerations: Lawyers skilled in all aspects of estate planning, and real estate conveyancing;


  • Moving: Downsizing experts, senior moving specialists, estate sale planners, storage facilities; and


  • Family matters: Social workers, grief counselors, and other senior’s well-being services, as needed.


With Property Focus in Sydney, you make the decisions, you remain in control and we handle the details. You proceed with confidence knowing you have partnered with an agency that  understands the landscape of this major life change, speaks the language and has compassion for what matters most to you and your family. 



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