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How To Manage Holidays With Ageing Parents


The Christmas holidays are fast approaching, and that means gathering the family together for some Christmas cheer. Let’s be frank, however, and face the fact that for many families the Christmas get together can be a difficult and stressful period if ageing parents are becoming noticeably lonely or not coping well with living independently. So let’s ensure that our precious time with our parents is spent with a positive and proactive attitude these Christmas holidays so our visit is one of joy for all. … Read More »

Mediation: Finding A Way To Resolve Family Conflicts


Even the closest of sibling relationships can fall to pieces over issues relating to aged care of parents. If you and your family members find yourselves embroiled in conflict over such issues, the best recourse is mediation. An expert mediator can guide you through the available choices calmly and capably until a resolution is reached. It just takes time, patience and a willingness to listen to each other and work together to find the best possible solution. 

 … Read More »

‘Hell’ Has Many Meanings For Hoarders


The elderly often love to surround themselves at home with a lifetime of photographs and mementos that evoke happy memories. Of course, there is no harm in this, unless the clutter is accumulating alarmingly and there are signs your elderly parent or relative could be suffering from hoarding disorder. If so, you will need to take action, but slowly and steadily.

What can happen when hoarding escalates is heartbreaking. Konrad Marshall reports on “Two hoarder homes, two different points of view: Kevin and Val are in denial and anyone who says … Read More »

Don’t Let Complex Contracts Scare You Away From Retirement Village Living


Retirement Villages have been in the firing line of late, with recent media focus on what many might consider unconscionable fees charged to residents and the complexity of contracts that could bamboozle even the sharpest of seniors.


The ABCS’s Alan Kohler weighed into the debate, while the ABC’s 7.30 Report covered the case of a Mosman retirement village still charging service fees to the family of a resident who passed away three years ago. See links to articles below…. Read More »

Does Fear of Change Stop You in Your Tracks?


I’d like to tell you about two widows in their seventies, who have been best of friends for many years. Joan recently moved into a retirement village; Valerie still lives in her home of 40 years.

Soon after Joan settled into her new apartment, the retirement village announced an event that she knew her friend Valerie would enjoy. Excited about sharing both her new home and an afternoon together, Joan invited … Read More »

Choose to Face Reality with Courage and Conviction


As our business of serving Australian seniors expands, we have the pleasure learning about new perspectives from the interesting people we meet. They often have information we think is important to share with you as we build our resource of senior-focused professionals. Such is the case with Carole Sandberg, who has written today’s article.

In her timely piece, below, Carole speaks from the heart and from personal experience about how she and her husband came to the decision to move into a smaller … Read More »

How To Avoid Potential Pitfalls Accessing Equity In Your Home


This week, our guest Craig Hall from the National Information Centre on Retirement Investments continues his advice on equity release options for seniors. NICRI is a wonderful source of information, tools and calculators to help you make informed investment decisions for comfortable living in retirement. Visit to access this wealth of information.

In his second article, Craig explains the various (and somewhat complex) options available for releasing equity in the family home.

Equity Release – What are the Options?… Read More »

Benefits and Pitfalls of Releasing Home Equity


This week, I am delighted to introduce our guest advisor, Craig Hall from the National Information Centre on Retirement Investments (NICRI).

The NICRI is a government funded, independent consumer agency providing information to the general public on investment products and Equity Release options.

In the first of three articles, Craig explains what equity release is, and whether the benefits outweigh the risks given individual circumstances, and both … Read More »



It was my absolute pleasure recently to meet with Chris Johnson, CEO of Urban Taskforce Australia, to discuss the issues surrounding Apartment Living For Seniors.

Chris Johnson is the CEO of Urban Taskforce Australia, an organisation that represents property developers and financiers. He was previously NSW Government Architect for 10 years and Executive Director in Planning NSW for four years. He … Read More »




Recent articles on housing affordability focus on first time home buyers being priced out of the real estate market.  

What gets a lot less press, but may be even more important, is the affect this is having on the 50+ Australian population.  

There is a pervasive assumption that people over 50 are well-off, and own their own home outright. Thus, they can look forward to a financially … Read More »